8 October 2010

Struggling To Say What I Mean

Standing on the shore, grey skies above,
Holding you in my arms, falling in Love,
Watching crashing waves kicking up spray.
You wear my hoodie to stay dry and warm,
We watch the clouds swirl in the calm before a storm,
Together, at the end of another perfect day.

Sat in a darkened room, listening to Joy Division,
Travelling in a world of self-hate and indecision,
We lie next to each other, sigh, smile.
We talk until the sun brings in a new day,
Trying to find the right words, words to make you stay
And I struggle to say what I mean, all the while.

So many words from which I can chose from,
So many meanings to which I can succumb,
Combinations of words dance in my head, all are wrong.
Like my future appears before me, as clear as mud,
So my feelings wash over me, like a torrential flood,
I’m unsure of how to be, where to sit, if I belong.

The sun reveals the world to a peaceful new day,
The grey clouds have departed, the wind’s blown them away,
I feel the Sun’s soft warm fingers embrace my face.
With the world at my mercy, my oyster shell,
So many different options, though I can’t tell
Which path to take, which goal to chase?