9 September 2010

The Zoo Toilet

Running through the door
I was busting for a whizz
That day I had gone shopping
And drunken too much fizz

Stumbling to the toilet
Fumbling with my flies
Suddenly I fell forward
And couldn't believe my eyes

While kneeling by the toilet
I looked it to the bowl
And saw to my amazement
A cuddly tiger doll

The toilet was full of stuffed toys
It somehow looked like a zoo
There were monkeys and lions

And Gorillas to name a few

Today my little brother
Oh, he must have been so bored
He thought he'd cage his animals
And show off his impressive hoard

I never knew he had so many
As I pulled them one by one
An alligator, a chimp
I wasn't nearly done

To my surprise at the bottom
A dolphin did I find
My brother thought it was edible
And now that dolphin's blind

Finally a panda was pulled out
But was ripped at the seam
Then, I found my self looking at the ceiling
And realised it was a dream

Of course my brother hadn't
Put is toys in the crapper
No, his favourite parrot
Still looks proper dapper

I must have fallen down
And smashed my creative head
On that ceramic bowl
It could have rendered me dead

But instead I'm here today
Telling u this story
It feels like CBBC
And I'm on Jackanory!!!

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