9 September 2010

Walking In Wellies

Lying on my back
Looking in to the rain
I put on my big Mack
And walked out in to the lane

The puddles around me grew
But I was not scared
I could have drowned for all you knew
But I was prepared

With my umbrella by my side
And a packet of baby jellies
I strode along with pride
With my big and blue Wellies

The water gushed around me
The storm grew and brewed
The level rose to my knee
And a little drain spewed 

Gallantly did I toddle?
In an unprecedented storm
It was such a doddle
My Wellies kept me dry and warm

Thank god for this rubber boot
That protects me from the wet
It fits around my miss-shaped foot
And means that we wouldn't have not met

For now I can walk forever
And cross unlimited land
Oh my Wellies are so clever
Even on quick sand

Whenever I want to see you
Be it rain or snow
I'll bravely traverse the morning dew
With my Wellies in tow

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