9 September 2010

Creature of the Night

It was the middle of the Night
And all through the house
Nothing was stirring
Not even a mouse

Except for this being
In a corner it sat
With white cricket boots
And a small paper hat

It sat and walked at the same time
With feet and tentacles on his bum
It moved to this machine in the other corner
With a screen and keyboard which can make you dumb

He sits and writes in 3rd person
To make it seem more arty
All night he taps at the keyboard
And every now and then nibbles at a smartie

He thinks he's a comedian
But in reality he's crap
Writing funny sketches and poems
As his fans cross their fingers in their laps

But here's some advice if you meet this creature
If you encounter some of his pieces
Please just smile and humour him
Or he might decide to give you some diseases

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