29 August 2010

My heart is in knots

My heart is in knots and my stomach skips a beat
I tremble at the anticipation of the soft touch, with which you are blessed
My hands and your neck finally meet
All this love that I’ve found, as magic as it is, I detest.

I say I know what I want, what is best for me
But no one can say that, no matter who you are
It can all change, oh so easily
Love; so very weird, so very bizarre

1 August 2010

The Word

The use of the word is loosely, banded around
But it's true meaning, it's core, has never been found,

The bond is found between a mother and her child
Between brothers, sisters, the best of friends and* never mild

It is the purest and rawest human emotion
and leads to the most magical devotion

Many people have tried to put it in to words,
By using images of planets, flowers or birds,

It can take your breath away like the orange sun on a pink sky,
It makes people do anything without having to ask why,

It should be celebrated every day for years on end
And across time and space it will transcend

So raise your glasses for a toast and three cheers
As we come together, here today, to celebrate your fifty years.                          M.Grainger/D.Weston

This was written to celebrate my Grandparent's 50th Anniversary this weekend. So it's dedicated to them and their very special marriage! 

Also, many thanks to Molly Grainger (http://mollygrainger.blogspot.com)for her help and valuable input to ensure it turned out just right.