11 July 2010

Why Do The Pretty Girls Smoke?

Why do the pretty girls smoke?
In these modern times
Is it to see themselves in a better light?
Perhaps in a dull orange glow in a cold side street?

Why do people fall in love?
When its easier to stay single.
When the world wants to know every detail
And a couple now means 30.

Where do all the nice boys go
At the end of a night?
Back to bed for a good 8 hours
Alone to face the next day

Is this what the world has come to
A time of cynics and hypocrites
A time where lies are common place
And the truth is like a rainbow

Hypocrisy is derived from the Greek
A word meaning 'Actor'
I guess the world is a stage after all.
And we've all a role to play

8 July 2010

Only let the lessons last

When my days alive are through
And I can not feel the breeze
No longer can I hold you
Tightly in my lovers squeeze

When I am silenced, forever young
And cannot shout my love
The last gasp of breath has left my lung
Then I'll preach my feelings in the heavens above

Finally, I may be set free from this world
And no longer torture myself over you
And my mind will stop being hurled and swirled
And we can stop this madness and be through

And though I may have perished
And lost you in the war
Never forget the memories cherished
Like when we walked along the shore

Please go off in to the world my dear
Don't be dictated by your past
Walk forward, head high, no fear
Only let the lessons last