2 May 2010

Meet Me By The Post Box at 2 O’Clock

Meet me by the post box at 2 o’clock
We’ll get the bus with expired tickets
We go to the shops and spend the money we haven’t got
We’ll hold hands, dance in the rain and kiss

We’ll shroud ourselves in the flag
Go to the cliffs and marvel at the scene
See the red flowers and paint the town blue
We’ll eat white ice cream, stand, stare, scream

We’ll sit atop the hill
As kings of the World
Monarchs of the Earth
Princes of the Globe

Go to the cemetery
The day after tomorrow
Stand at my side
With no ounce of sorrow

For we played and danced
Marvelled and spent
Painted and Ate-ted
Loved with intent

You’ll sit by the grave
The Queen of the Here
Monarch of the Now
And Princess of Today

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