12 February 2010

Heavens In The Half-Light

There's Carnage on the streets
I'm pacing around the kitchen
Around and Around and Around
I keep reading all the tweets
Your on my mind, hitchin'
A ride, Around and Around

Tread on the floors lightly
Trap doors spring open
And I'll fall, down, down, down
You can speak forthrightly, politely
You give me hope and,
I push my feelings down.

The forest path stretches ahead
We do not need a map
"Keep to the path" They said
"Keep to the path and softly tread,
We will protect you from the crap, 
And the crown will shine on your head."

We strayed

We saw the errors of their ways
We found comfort among the trees
We made our own places to stay
And we could feel, feel the breeze,
The cold, silver rain, and the suns golden rays
As we danced and played with youthful ease

We made our own crowns
from the forests thorns
We were the Jesus' of the night
The people will give us frowns
"Trouble ahead", a judge warns
But we know our right

And now we reach the sea,
The greatest of natures powers
The white waves, so pure
This is the place I shall be
When lying beneath some flowers,
Beneath some dancing feet, I'm sure

Let the sun sink in to the ocean
Let the twilight reign
Heavens in the half-light
The time of raw emotion
The time of summer rain
The time to believe all is right

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