1 December 2010

it'll turn out alright in the end I'm sure

The winter winds blow against my face,
How I long to wander from this place.
This time of life is grinding me down,
I wear a smile on my face, but inside it's a frown.

I see the world through an icy lens,
The world seems grayer than my youth and tends
To disappoint me more and more.
But it'll turn out alright in the end I'm sure

8 October 2010

Struggling To Say What I Mean

Standing on the shore, grey skies above,
Holding you in my arms, falling in Love,
Watching crashing waves kicking up spray.
You wear my hoodie to stay dry and warm,
We watch the clouds swirl in the calm before a storm,
Together, at the end of another perfect day.

Sat in a darkened room, listening to Joy Division,
Travelling in a world of self-hate and indecision,
We lie next to each other, sigh, smile.
We talk until the sun brings in a new day,
Trying to find the right words, words to make you stay
And I struggle to say what I mean, all the while.

So many words from which I can chose from,
So many meanings to which I can succumb,
Combinations of words dance in my head, all are wrong.
Like my future appears before me, as clear as mud,
So my feelings wash over me, like a torrential flood,
I’m unsure of how to be, where to sit, if I belong.

The sun reveals the world to a peaceful new day,
The grey clouds have departed, the wind’s blown them away,
I feel the Sun’s soft warm fingers embrace my face.
With the world at my mercy, my oyster shell,
So many different options, though I can’t tell
Which path to take, which goal to chase?

9 September 2010

The Zoo Toilet

Running through the door
I was busting for a whizz
That day I had gone shopping
And drunken too much fizz

Stumbling to the toilet
Fumbling with my flies
Suddenly I fell forward
And couldn't believe my eyes

While kneeling by the toilet
I looked it to the bowl
And saw to my amazement
A cuddly tiger doll

The toilet was full of stuffed toys
It somehow looked like a zoo
There were monkeys and lions

And Gorillas to name a few

Today my little brother
Oh, he must have been so bored
He thought he'd cage his animals
And show off his impressive hoard

I never knew he had so many
As I pulled them one by one
An alligator, a chimp
I wasn't nearly done

To my surprise at the bottom
A dolphin did I find
My brother thought it was edible
And now that dolphin's blind

Finally a panda was pulled out
But was ripped at the seam
Then, I found my self looking at the ceiling
And realised it was a dream

Of course my brother hadn't
Put is toys in the crapper
No, his favourite parrot
Still looks proper dapper

I must have fallen down
And smashed my creative head
On that ceramic bowl
It could have rendered me dead

But instead I'm here today
Telling u this story
It feels like CBBC
And I'm on Jackanory!!!

Creature of the Night

It was the middle of the Night
And all through the house
Nothing was stirring
Not even a mouse

Except for this being
In a corner it sat
With white cricket boots
And a small paper hat

It sat and walked at the same time
With feet and tentacles on his bum
It moved to this machine in the other corner
With a screen and keyboard which can make you dumb

He sits and writes in 3rd person
To make it seem more arty
All night he taps at the keyboard
And every now and then nibbles at a smartie

He thinks he's a comedian
But in reality he's crap
Writing funny sketches and poems
As his fans cross their fingers in their laps

But here's some advice if you meet this creature
If you encounter some of his pieces
Please just smile and humour him
Or he might decide to give you some diseases

Ode to Hamster

Hey there hamster
Spinning in a wheel
You sleep all day
And eat at night, what is the deal

You keep me up with your incessant gnawing
Its almost like your trying to break out
You store food in your cheeks
So you have a constant pout

Sometimes I wish I was a hamster
Snuggled in wool all day
I can pee where ever i like
Making my master pay

I'd get fed almost daily
And a load of fresh water
It's a shame we only live 2 years
Much like sheep who go for slau....

Walking In Wellies

Lying on my back
Looking in to the rain
I put on my big Mack
And walked out in to the lane

The puddles around me grew
But I was not scared
I could have drowned for all you knew
But I was prepared

With my umbrella by my side
And a packet of baby jellies
I strode along with pride
With my big and blue Wellies

The water gushed around me
The storm grew and brewed
The level rose to my knee
And a little drain spewed 

Gallantly did I toddle?
In an unprecedented storm
It was such a doddle
My Wellies kept me dry and warm

Thank god for this rubber boot
That protects me from the wet
It fits around my miss-shaped foot
And means that we wouldn't have not met

For now I can walk forever
And cross unlimited land
Oh my Wellies are so clever
Even on quick sand

Whenever I want to see you
Be it rain or snow
I'll bravely traverse the morning dew
With my Wellies in tow

29 August 2010

My heart is in knots

My heart is in knots and my stomach skips a beat
I tremble at the anticipation of the soft touch, with which you are blessed
My hands and your neck finally meet
All this love that I’ve found, as magic as it is, I detest.

I say I know what I want, what is best for me
But no one can say that, no matter who you are
It can all change, oh so easily
Love; so very weird, so very bizarre

1 August 2010

The Word

The use of the word is loosely, banded around
But it's true meaning, it's core, has never been found,

The bond is found between a mother and her child
Between brothers, sisters, the best of friends and* never mild

It is the purest and rawest human emotion
and leads to the most magical devotion

Many people have tried to put it in to words,
By using images of planets, flowers or birds,

It can take your breath away like the orange sun on a pink sky,
It makes people do anything without having to ask why,

It should be celebrated every day for years on end
And across time and space it will transcend

So raise your glasses for a toast and three cheers
As we come together, here today, to celebrate your fifty years.                          M.Grainger/D.Weston

This was written to celebrate my Grandparent's 50th Anniversary this weekend. So it's dedicated to them and their very special marriage! 

Also, many thanks to Molly Grainger (http://mollygrainger.blogspot.com)for her help and valuable input to ensure it turned out just right. 


11 July 2010

Why Do The Pretty Girls Smoke?

Why do the pretty girls smoke?
In these modern times
Is it to see themselves in a better light?
Perhaps in a dull orange glow in a cold side street?

Why do people fall in love?
When its easier to stay single.
When the world wants to know every detail
And a couple now means 30.

Where do all the nice boys go
At the end of a night?
Back to bed for a good 8 hours
Alone to face the next day

Is this what the world has come to
A time of cynics and hypocrites
A time where lies are common place
And the truth is like a rainbow

Hypocrisy is derived from the Greek
A word meaning 'Actor'
I guess the world is a stage after all.
And we've all a role to play

8 July 2010

Only let the lessons last

When my days alive are through
And I can not feel the breeze
No longer can I hold you
Tightly in my lovers squeeze

When I am silenced, forever young
And cannot shout my love
The last gasp of breath has left my lung
Then I'll preach my feelings in the heavens above

Finally, I may be set free from this world
And no longer torture myself over you
And my mind will stop being hurled and swirled
And we can stop this madness and be through

And though I may have perished
And lost you in the war
Never forget the memories cherished
Like when we walked along the shore

Please go off in to the world my dear
Don't be dictated by your past
Walk forward, head high, no fear
Only let the lessons last

17 May 2010


Mum can make me so very angry
Mum can make me embarrassed and shy
But Mum feeds me when I’m hungry
And is the only person I allow to lie.

My mum is my hero and my world
And made me who I am today
I remember the days I sat curled
In mums lap as she chased the monsters away

The longest love ever known
Only between a mother and child will occur
It will continue beyond our time has flown,
From our lives and I can no longer see her

Perhaps the greatest fear is losing you,
But I know you will still be with me
In who I am, in all I do
I know I’ll be the greatest I can be

Because of you
Because you made me work hard,
You picked me up when I was blue,
You made me run that extra yard.

2 May 2010

Meet Me By The Post Box at 2 O’Clock

Meet me by the post box at 2 o’clock
We’ll get the bus with expired tickets
We go to the shops and spend the money we haven’t got
We’ll hold hands, dance in the rain and kiss

We’ll shroud ourselves in the flag
Go to the cliffs and marvel at the scene
See the red flowers and paint the town blue
We’ll eat white ice cream, stand, stare, scream

We’ll sit atop the hill
As kings of the World
Monarchs of the Earth
Princes of the Globe

Go to the cemetery
The day after tomorrow
Stand at my side
With no ounce of sorrow

For we played and danced
Marvelled and spent
Painted and Ate-ted
Loved with intent

You’ll sit by the grave
The Queen of the Here
Monarch of the Now
And Princess of Today

20 February 2010

"Thus conscience does make cowards of us all"

So many directions, 
So many paths to take.
Where do i want to go, 
What if i make a mistake?

There are things I want to do
Things I want to see
And there's a way of life
I hear calling me

But I'm too scared
Too worried I'm going to fall
In to the hands of failure
"Thus conscience does make cowards of us all"

I don't know what I want
I don't know how to get it
I don't know where I'm going
All I can do is pause and sit

Pray for a sense of purpose
Wait for something to hit me
Long for that honest mirror
To reflect back the real me

17 February 2010

Truth Is A Rainbow

Truth is a rainbow
So many different colours
And always one that’s sort of 
Your favourite
But you can’t ignore the beauty
The purity
It comes after a rain storm
And the sun shines down
Everythings fresh, comes out of hiding
It’s a shame it only happens occasionally

12 February 2010

Heavens In The Half-Light

There's Carnage on the streets
I'm pacing around the kitchen
Around and Around and Around
I keep reading all the tweets
Your on my mind, hitchin'
A ride, Around and Around

Tread on the floors lightly
Trap doors spring open
And I'll fall, down, down, down
You can speak forthrightly, politely
You give me hope and,
I push my feelings down.

The forest path stretches ahead
We do not need a map
"Keep to the path" They said
"Keep to the path and softly tread,
We will protect you from the crap, 
And the crown will shine on your head."

We strayed

We saw the errors of their ways
We found comfort among the trees
We made our own places to stay
And we could feel, feel the breeze,
The cold, silver rain, and the suns golden rays
As we danced and played with youthful ease

We made our own crowns
from the forests thorns
We were the Jesus' of the night
The people will give us frowns
"Trouble ahead", a judge warns
But we know our right

And now we reach the sea,
The greatest of natures powers
The white waves, so pure
This is the place I shall be
When lying beneath some flowers,
Beneath some dancing feet, I'm sure

Let the sun sink in to the ocean
Let the twilight reign
Heavens in the half-light
The time of raw emotion
The time of summer rain
The time to believe all is right

25 January 2010

Working Title_Ch3

“Yeah, our parents had… a sense of humour” Tom replied after the brothers exchanged glances. It was indeed not the first time they had heard that observation.
“So, we just need you to stick on the wing and whip in a few crosses.” Jez said turning back to his brother, “Simple stuff, their left back looks a bit suspect but he’s quick.”
“Sounds good.” said Tom, tying his boot laces. Turning to Jools, “Back in a bit.” He gave her a smile and a wink then ran off to join the rest of the team.
“You must be special,” said Jez without looking at Jools, “he never takes customers anywhere, little lone pretty girls such as yourself.” Jools, although confused couldn’t help but smile. She wasn’t accustomed to compliments.
“What do you mean?”
“Tom, he’s… well he’s quite a lonely character. Goes out with these guys,” Jerry continued, motioning towards the team, “maybe twice a week at most, otherwise he just sits in his flat reading.”
“He hits me as being quite sociable and kind”
“Kind, yeah. Sociable, when he wants to be. But, him bringing you here, it’s a good thing.” Replied Jez, finally turning to Jools and a smile spread across his face. “I haven’t seen him smile like he did at you for quite a while.” Jools smiled again, “We’ve not had the easiest childhoods and he’s just locked it all up inside. I have to live with it everyday.” He continued looking down at his leg. Jools looked towards Tom, he was warming up with the team constantly smiling and laughing. He glanced over and saw Jools looking over. He gave a little wave. Suddenly, the ball was passed to him but he wasn’t concentrating and hit him in the midriff. Tom crumpled on the floor to cheers of elation from the rest of the team. Slowly, Tom got up breathing heavily and gingerly walked over towards the sideline to take up his position before the match began. The referee blew his whistle and the two captains were called together, after the coin toss the match was underway.
Once the match was over, the players went in to the changing rooms, and Tom went across to Jez and Jools. It had just started to rain, Jez had brought an umbrella and both he and Jools were stood beneath it.
“I’m just going to run back to the shop and have a shower, I said to the guys we should go down to the Nags Head for a celebratory drink.”
“We lost bro.” replied Jez, slightly confused.
“Meh, that’s just a technicality.”
“How is it a celebratory drink then” asked Jools, equally confused but attracted to Tom’s enthusiasm.
“So we can celebrate Life.” Tom replied cheerily, picking Jools up and spinning around.
He put her down and ran off, back towards the shop. “See you there in 20 minutes” he called back.
“You going to come, you’re more than welcome to.” Asked Jez as they made their way out of the park.
“No, I should probably get going. Here’s £15, for the book.” Jools handed Jerry the money and the umbrella, “tell him, thank you.” With that, Jools stepped out in to the rain and crossed the road. A little further down the road, Tom turned a corner still smiling, he saw Jools crossing the road and disappearing down a side a street, his smile quickly disappeared. He ran over to Jez and took the umbrella.
“She’s not coming to the pub,” Jez handed Tom the money, “For the book. She said ‘thanks’. Sorry bro.” 

6 January 2010

It Won't Be Found

It may not be in the words I say,
It’s not even in the words I write,
It is in the power of a storm,
It is in the stars of the night.

You can’t hear it in my music,
You won’t hear it in my voice,
You will hear it in cry of free birds
And in the cheers of crowds that rejoice.

I can’t do romantic gestures,
I won’t write love poems or songs,
But, you’ll find it in the glint of my eye,
And in my smile that to only you, it belongs

I don’t know what Love is,
And I’ll bet no one else does too,
But I kind of have this feeling,
Every time I’m around you.

2 January 2010

Working Title_Ch2

“Excuse me?” The girl said, a few minutes later, Tom’s eyes didn’t leave his book but he murmured a response to signify his attention. The girl’s eyes were still browsing the bookshelves, “Do you have anything by Kingsley Amis?”
Tom, still without his eyes leaving the page of his book, thought for a bit, “One I believe, The Old Devils, I think it’s called. That’ll be on shelf F6” replied Tom. The girl looked around on all the shelves but couldn’t find any sort of referencing system to indicate which shelf was shelf F6.
“And that would be where?” said the girl with a wry smile. Tom looked up, slightly taken aback by the question but then realizing that only he knew his referencing system. He placed his book gently face down on the desk and sprang up, with the smile back on his face, to a bookshelf and started browsing through it himself. After going over the specific shelf a few times he turned to the girl with a slightly confused expression.
“I can’t seem to find it, very odd. I could have sworn it was there?” By this time the girl had moved around to his desk and began to giggle. Tom looked to where she was looking on his desk. The book he was reading was the one she was looking for. “Ah.” Said Tom slightly embarrassed.
“You must have been enjoying it, like, not realizing it was a book almost?”
“I was, but I do that with most books, I want to feel like I’m there and not just an objective bystander looking in from above”
“It’s surprising how many people are content with being just that. They think the whole act of reading is enough.” Replied the girl.
“I couldn’t agree more, just because you have looked at the words doesn’t mean you’ve read the book” said Tom, getting a little agitated. It was clear to the girl that Tom was even more passionate about books than she had initially thought.
“I can come back another time,” she said, “you know, when you’re done with it?”
“No, no, please take it. I can always get another one.” The girl smiled and so did Tom. They looked in to each other’s eyes momentarily and the silence stretched.
Just then, the small bell above the door rang and a small boy rushing in interrupted the moment.
“Uncle Tom, Uncle Tom, come quick! We need you.” Yelled the boy in some distress.
“Ok Ryan, I’ll be there in five seconds, go back and tell the others I’m on my way” Tom turned in to the back office, grabbing his coat and a small draw-string bag. “I’ve got to close for a couple of hours,” he said turning to the girl, “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name?” he said holding out a hand.
“Jools,” she said placing her hand in Tom’s.
“Jools. I’m Tom,” he said smiling broadly, “bring the book. You busy?”
“No, not right now! Wh…”
“Come on then” Tom held on to her hand and dragged her out of the bookshop. He slammed the door shut and turned the lock. The sign on the door had swung round, when he had shut it, to show ‘closed’.
Still holding on to her hand they walked around the corner in to a park, where there were football pitches with players doing warm-ups on every one. They approached a man in his early thirties with shorter hair a little shorter than Tom’s and a crutch standing at the edge of one of the pitches.
“Hey Jez, what’s happening?” asked Tom, slapping his brother on the back.
“Ah, bro, glad you’re here, Brad was arrested last night for drunken behavior and failed to tell any of us in time to bail him out.”
“What did he do?” asked Tom.
“Said he was a pregnant woman and needed to piss inside a bobby’s helmet. Then got aggressive when they wouldn’t let him.” Said Jez. They all smiled and Jools, moved to Tom’s side.
“Ah Jez, this is Jools, we just met and have a transaction still to complete so I dragged her here to make sure she doesn’t make a runner,” he turned to Jools, smiled and winked. “Jools, this is my brother Jerry.”
“How’s it going?” asked Jez. Jools giggled again.
“I’m fine thanks” replied Jools, still giggling a little bit.
“What’s funny?” asked Tom.
“I’m sorry, you probably always get it but, Tom and Jerry?” she said trying to regain her composure. The brothers sighed.