22 November 2009

Love is Powerful_4

They arrived at the canal and sat on the grassy verge and talked as if nothing had happened. Soon Freddie turned up with the carrier bag of drinks and shared them out. They talked as they watched the orange sun shrink beneath the horizon of the city and then they laid back on the grass watching the pink clouds slowly darken in to the night.
“Hey mate, do you want to stay the night at mine,” said Freddie as they left the dark canal and walked back to his flat, down the darkened suburban streets, “Jess is ‘cause her parents are away.”
“Erm… no I think I’ll go home and just chill for a bit.” Jack replied as Jess walked between them arm in arm. She had a bit too much to drink and was known for being a light weight.
“Oh come on Jacky-boy, we’ll camp out in the garden and pretend it’s the festival again.” Slurred Jess.
“No we won’t,” Freddie interjected. “I left my tent at the festival after you threw up in it. And I ain’t gonna let you do that to my new tent. I only got it a few weeks back.”
Jess laughed. “That was a good weekend.”
“What you remember of it.” Jack said in jest.
Jess jokingly punched Jack and then all three laughed. “Ooh we can make a den using the duvet, I did that all the time as a kid” she said in a high-pitched excited voice.
“Yes darling, we can do that” said Freddie, just to amuse her. “So you staying then mate?”
Jack thought for a bit, “Sure, why not?”
“YAHOOOOO” yelled Jess
“Shut the fuck up you piss head” snapped Freddie.
The group walked past a row of shops, one of which was a pizza take-away. Jack went in while Freddie held the semi-conscious Jess on her two feet.
As they got back to the flat, Freddie put Jess in the bed, but she clung on so there was a small struggle between them as Freddie broke free.
“She gets a bit horny when she’s drunk” explained Freddie.
“Yeah I’ve seen it all before… literally” smiled Jack and gave a little wink.
The two boys sat on the floor at the foot of the bed eating the pizza talking about by-gone days. The conversation drifted on to the future. “I’m going to be a music journalist.” Announced Freddie, “I just think it’d b awesome to be paid to listen to music, or even watch gigs and then talk about it. I imagine it’d be quite cool.
“Sounds awesome man, you’d be good at that, I know for a fact that most of my music comes through you.”
“What are you going to do then?” said Freddie picking at a slice of pizza
“I haven’t the foggiest. Not a Scooby” replied Jack as he took a mouthful of drink.
“You could…” Freddie was interrupted by Jess who decided to start snoring loudly. “You… you… hang on” Freddie got up and rolled Jess onto her front. He made sure her head was facing towards a bin. “I should stop her from drinking as much. You should be like a social worker and help kids, use your own experience man.” As he returned to the foot of the bed.
“Possibly. I really don’t know, I’m just feeling really lost at the moment. Hence the chair and the jumping and the hmm and erm.” He said looking at Freddie and they both smiled, taking a drink in tandem. They both burp in tandem but don’t react as if it’s something they do often.
“Harder… harder” Jess moaned after a brief silence. The boys looked at each other and laughed. The both turned to look at Jess. “Oooohhh” she continued. “Hmmmmmmmm!! Oh yeah… oh Jack” Freddie turned to Jack; Jack just stared straight ahead, almost waiting for Freddie to react. “Ooh Freddie,” Jess continued. Jack turned to Freddie looking shocked and confused. They then both smiled,
“She’s having a threesome” The both smiled looking pleased that she’s dreaming about them. Suddenly the both realised that it was technically both of them together. The then crumpled on the floor moaning with a mixture of laughter, unable to look at each other.

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