25 November 2009

Love is Powerful_5

The following morning the three had gone for a drive to get some fresh air. But it was still raining so they drove to the supermarket. Freddie had got out getting some more alcohol for that night. Jack and Jess just stared out of the windows. They were silent, each nursing a hangover.
“It’s not going to last forever, you know?” Jess stated.
“Yeah, but babe, you might as well enjoy it while it lasts.” Jack replied.
“He’ll be off to university next year and I know he wants to go to one in Scotland. I can’t… I can’t see us getting through that.”
“He’d still love you. Distance doesn’t stop love. Love is powerful. Love conquers all.”
“He’ll find someone else, someone better than me.”
“No one is better than you.” Exclaimed Jack, “Any guy would be lucky to have you. Stop putting yourself down.”
“Would you have me?”
“I thought we spoke about this yesterday?”
“Yeah but I’m serious this time. If we broke up, he’d probably move away now, get a place in Scotland. Get a first class honours degree and a really well paid job, a sex-on-legs missus and live happily ever after. I’d only be holding him back.”
“Stop talking such shit.” Protested Jack, “You have so much potential, you could be whatever you want to be and you know it. You could be an actress, a…an accountant in a dull office full of people called Geoff who work in I.T. or a…”
“Urologist?” Jess interrupted with a cheeky grin. She flipped around to face Jack. “That would be fun. I’d get to compare Freddie’s dick to other peoples and see what I’m missing” Jack laughed.
“Yeah you could and why not?”
Freddie returned with a crate of Carlsberg and a plastic bag which he dove in to as he shut the car door.
“Here you are dude; I got you a gingerbread man.” Freddie said, “But be careful, it may contain nuts” Both Jack and Freddie burst in to laughter. Jess smiled still thinking. “And a Double Decker for you gorgeous.” Freddie pulled the chocolate bar out of the bag and passed it to Jess, “because you seem to be able to take a double” he gave a knowing wink to Jess who sank back in to her chair embarrassed.
Finally Freddie pulled out a small package of white powder. “And then the white stuff.”
“Milk?” asked Jack who was concentrating more on his gingerbread man.
“A shit…” said Freddie remembering the one thing that was actually on his shopping list, “Yeah something like that”. Freddie turned the ignition and drove off eating a Twirl.
“Hey man, can you drop me home I need a new t-shirt and shit.” Asked Jack as they drove along in the rain.
“Yeah, sure thing. I need to go in to college quickly so, what, shall we say, 6.30 round mine?” replied Freddie, looking at Jack in the rear-view mirror.
“Ok sounds good.” The car turned a corner and stopped. Jack got out and ran in to his house.
At 6.34pm, Jack knocked on the door of Freddie. Jess answered with her mascara running, she had obviously been crying.
“What’s happened?” asked Jack urgently
“I had to end it. I couldn’t be in a relationship that wasn’t going anywhere.” Snivelled Jess.
“Where is he?”
“In the bedroom.” Jack went to the bedroom and found Freddie with his head bowed sitting on the edge of the bed with his back to the door.
“Hey man,” said Jack as he stood in the doorway. Freddie jumped up, a little startled.
“Hey dude,” said Freddie, still with his back to the door, desperately trying to wipe away any signs that he’d been crying. When he thought he had done he turned around. Jack was met with the sight of Freddie with messed up hair and red puffy eyes. Jess came up behind Jack.
“You ok? You look like fuck!” asked Jack,
“Yeah I’m fine, I don’t know what you mean, I haven’t been crying” replied Freddie as he wiped his nose on his sleeve. Jack smiled.
“I didn’t say anything about crying.”
“Oh, really?”
“What say you, me and Jess crack open a couple of bottles and stick a movie?” asked Jack, “I rented Quadrophenia” he said as he pulled the DVD out.”
“Yeah sure sounds good.” The three sat at the foot of his bed, Jack in between Freddie and Jess and watched the movie. During the movie, Jess’ hand slipped in to Jacks but their expressions didn’t change. Jack gently squeezed it. Freddie didn’t see a thing.
At the end of the movie Freddie put some music on and looked out the window.
“It’s still raining.” He said, “Quiet night in?
The other two nodded in agreement.
“Well, when I say quiet…” exclaimed Freddie, as he pulled out the pouch of white powder, Heroin. The group smiled, Jack closed the door and Jess got all of the tools.
The new day dawned, a brilliant blue filled the sky and the golden sun shone as brightly as ever soaking up the previous days’ misery and dampness. Daisies in the garden turned towards the sun and stretched up their necks to make the most of the glorious rays.
In Freddie’s room lay the three friends laid out across the bed, asleep. This sleep, however, was for eternity. The glorious dead, together, at peace, at last.

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Anonymous said...

i enjoyed this series =) youre a really good writer. hope to see some more stuff up here soon? jess xx