19 November 2009

Love is Powerful_3

“Come on guys, lets go out, it’s stopped raining.” Said Freddie, desperately trying to change the subject.
“Go where though? It’s a Sunday and everything will be shut.” Jack retorted.
“Skate Park?” suggested Jess, “although, I guess, all the chavs will be there trying to get high on rosemary ‘cause they’re too cheap to get the real stuff!” the others smiled.
“How about the bridge over the canal, no one goes there and if it rains again we can go under the bridge?” Jack said, “Freddie, can you get some drink, here’s a fiver. We’ll just sit and enjoy what’s left of the day and watch the sunset on that verge next to the bridge.”
“Sounds like a plan dude, it’s turning in to a good evening.” Replied jess, who had moved over to the desk and was re-applying her make up which had washed off in the rain.
“Ok, I’ll meet you guys there with the drink.” Said Freddie, sliding the fiver into his pocket. “You guys can walk it right?”
“Yeah, it’s only five minutes walk” said Jess. With that Freddie left. As Jess heard Freddie close the front door, she turned to Jack, “Were you really going to Jump today?”
“Possibly,” said Jack who was looking around the room, looking at the pictures and clearly avoiding eye-contact with Jess. Jess climbed back on to the bed and lay down beside Jack, who was still sitting and looking at the pictures.
“Why? You still have a lot to achieve and do in your life” said Jess in a lowered tone.
“Like what?” argued Jack snapping his head down from the walls to make eye-contact with her.
“Like your family, your friends…” she yelled back and sat up right to go face to face with him. As they sat staring in to each others eyes, neither of them spoke. “… and me” she finally continued in a calmer voice. They sat and stared at each other for a little while longer. Jess then leant forward to kiss him. But Jack, saw this and slid back as she leant in. Unfortunately he leant too far back and fell off the bed. Jess laughed. “Why didn’t you kiss me? I could see you wanted too.”
“Because you and Freddie are together. I can’t get involved in that, no matter how much I want to.
“But he’s not here”
“I don’t care”
“What if I wasn’t going out with him?”
“Maybe? What? I don’t know!”
“How about a threesome”
“Err… no!”
“With another girl?”
“Ooh?... No!!!!”
“What if it was just us three left on the earth and to avoid really bad case incest you both had to do it with me for the sake of the human race”
“Then yes”
“Yeah but that ain’t going to happen! Not while you two are still going out and not for a while after that either.”
“You’d still do it with me though”
“Come on, Freddie’s going to wonder where we are”
“You want to fuck me! You want to fuck me!” Jess chanted as they left the room. In the hallway, Jack turned to her and kissed her.
“That’s all you’re getting from me, can you now drop it?” Jack turned and left Jess in the hallway. She stared at him as he went through the door. She stepped back. Slowly a smile crept across her face and she bit her bottom lip. She then bounded out of the door, to catch up with Jack, closing the door behind her.

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