12 November 2009

Love is Powerful

There was nothing else he could do. All he wanted to do now was die; he felt he was a waste of space just taking in the ever more valuable oxygen what with all the greenhouse gases, and he wasn’t making good use of it. The wind circled around him whistling in his ear, almost urging him to do it. To jump. The sky had become over cast and grey and dust was being swept up around him. A storm was coming. Jack liked storms; maybe he would wait and see this last one before ending his seemingly pointless life. He got down off the chair and sat on it looking over the horizon. From beneath the chair he pulled a thermos flask and poured out a hot drink. He settled himself down and admired the view as the storm rolled in. Jack was a small, skinny boy with loose fitting clothes, but they were simple, black tee shirt, black jeans and scruffy black converse shoes. He was about 17. His long, dark fringe was now matted across his face. Eye-liner started to stream down his face. He now regretted not buying the waterproof stuff.  
As the rain pelted from behind Jack, a small, rusty car drew up. The tyres squashing the wet pebbles beneath them. The headlights were switched off and the engine spluttered to a halt. Out of the car exited a girl, Jess, 17; she was fairly small but not tiny and slim. She had long brown hair she wore jeans, a band t-shirt and one green and one pink converse. The driver, he was known as Freddie, 18, but no-one knew his real name, he also had long brown hair wore a leather jacket, plain white t-shirt and jeans with the same colour shoes as the girl just on opposite feet. He sheltered the girl in his coat from the rain as they walked up to Jack. 
“Hey Jack, what’s going on?” asked Freddie
“Beautiful isn’t it?” replied Jack, “how something so powerful can be so beautiful.” 
“C’mon Jack, lets get out of here” pressed Freddie, “you’ll catch a cold or something, your make up’s running!”
“And? I’m going to jump of this when the storm has finished.”
“What, that chair?” asked Jess confused.
Couldn’t find anything higher” replied Jack, “if I do it properly I’ll die, you know, head first and break my neck.” 
“Of course,” said Freddie, “but some how, I don’t think that’s gonna work though mate, how about we go back to my place and dry ourselves off and maybe get some thing to munch, I’m starved. What about you Jess?” he asked,
 “Sounds like a plan Fred, coming Jack?” Jess replied. Jack sat and thought for a minute, contemplating many thoughts such as the magnitude and magnificence of the storm, the plan of jumping off a chair to kill himself and whether it would work or not…
“Jack?” Jess had interrupted his train of thought.
“I’m thinking!” snapped Jack. He continued his thought… or whether he was hungry or not? “Ok let’s go” and with out hesitation leapt off his chair and turned back towards the car followed closely by Jess and Freddie. Little did he know that just over a ridge where the lonely chair now sat was a 500 foot sheer drop on to jagged rocks and the rough sea below. 

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Michelle said...

I loved it....I want it to be a full novel!!!