7 November 2009


The summers breeze across my face
I love to spend time in this place
The sea whisked into a spray
The smell of freshly cut grass and hay
My eyes are shut 
I stand before my beach hut
I can sit and reminisce
With my thoughts in bliss
The laughing children in the sea
The taking of toast, cakes and tea
Sat in my deck chair, 
A hat covering my thinning hair
Eyes open, darkness descends
The magic ends
Life gives way to living
To a world unforgiving
My beach hut now a skip
My hands fail to grip
My tea, toast and cakes
Turns to green glass, falls, breaks
Drizzle dampens all the grey
The children sit, they do not play
This life so full of beguile 
I sit and look and smile

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow i never new you put words together like this. very impressed ! :)
luke-pirate, hope all is going well.